roodknop  Aesthetic Realism Foundation

roodknop  Eli Siegel Collection

roodknop  Terrain Gallery

roodknop  Representative Elijah E. Cumming's, statement about Eli Siegel
     in the Congressional Record

roodknop  Barbara Allen -- Flute Teacher and Aesthetic Realism Consultant

roodknop  Lynette Abel writing on Literature, Art, Life

roodknop  Nancy Huntting writing on Literature, Art, Women

roodknop  Donita Ellison writing on Art, Education, Women

roodknop  Ruth Oron in the news, articles on Art, economics, and more

roodknop  Leila Rosen, educator, writer

roodknop  Alan Shapiro, jazz pianist, music educator
      See his blog "A New Way of Seeing Jazz"

  Len Bernstein on photography and more

  Miriam Mondlin on art and life

  Housing, A Basic Human Right

  Aesthetic Realism, Ethics, & Literature

  Art & the Opposites

   Christopher Balchin, Social Studies Teacher

  Arnold Perey, A New Perspective for Anthropology & Sociology

  Friends of Aesthetic Realism--Countering the Lies

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