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roodknop  Aesthetic Realism Seminars and Talks on Art

"Triumph and Sadness: Opposites in Ourselves and in Nat Fein's
Photo of Babe Ruth's Farewell"

"Care for Yourself & Justice to Others: Do They Have to Fight?" with comment on Baseball Executive Branch Rickey

When Is a Fight Beautiful?: George Bellows' "Dempsey & Firpo"

"Ego or Justice?--The Fight in Every Man"

"The Debate in Every Person: To Have More Feeling or Less?"
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"True Strength in a Man
 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 

"Honesty--Will It Get a Man What He Really Wants?"
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"What's Real Intelligence--about the World and Ourselves?"
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"To Feel More or Less: What Represents Us Truly?; or,
William Jennings Bryan?

roodknop  Reports of Aesthetic Realism Classes
"Heavy and Light; or, Radio, Cinema, and a Bit of Literature,"
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"Ethics As Possibility," given by Eli Siegel October 10, 1969; and reported on by Michael Palmer

Talk on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, given by Eli Siegel May 9, 1975  Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

roodknopArticles in the News
   Journal of the Print World -"Logic & Emotion in Art & Our Lives:
    John Sloan's Roofs, Summer Night"

roodknopAddtional Resources - Links
   Arnold Perey writing on Aesthetic Realism and Anthropology
   Lynette Abel writes on women's issues, economics, art
   See her blog on "Aesthetic Realism, Ethics, & Literature
   Alice Bernstein and the book Aesthetic Realism and the Answer to
   RacismAnne Fielding on Acting, Love, and Widowhood
  Music, History, & Life